Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) perhaps is the most happening and talked about industry amongst the mass. In today's busy life, consumers look for solutions that could make their life easy. The industry for BFSI products and services survives on the continuous, uninterrupted flow of financial data between consumers, provider, investors and all other stakeholders in the organization.

Banks, Financial institutions and Insurance need to develop innovative products and services to enhance revenues, while providing a seamless cross-channel experience to retain customers. In addition, they must continue on their march towards efficiency by focusing on technologies and processes that enable cost reduction, while at the same time, effectively managing the constantly increasing regulatory and compliance requirements.

Infoexcel Consulting helps banks, financial institutions and third-party payment method to transform their IT strategies to deliver reliable, predictable and scalable services to the customers. Infoexcel manages and executes strategic initiatives using innovative delivery models, provide support for mission critical infrastructures and applications, gain insights from historical data, and use digital communications to engage with partners and customers.

We develop domain-focused applications with the functionality tailored to your requirements, such as:

  • Multi-tiered functionality to support thousands of concurrent users
  • High rate of transactions per second
  • Real time and batch processing
  • Secure transactions
  • Strong auditing to troubleshoot customer issues
  • Robust disaster management
  • Comprehensive reporting

Our cost-effective solutions help BFSI organizations optimize resources, enhance operational efficiency, mitigate risks and reduce time to market, allowing them to concentrate on core competencies and effect business expansion and improved service delivery.

We offer a range of solutions for the following segments of BFSI domain:

  • Capital Market
  • Corporate Banking
  • Customer Management
  • Insurance
  • Internet & Mobile Banking
  • Payments & Cards
  • Wealth Management

Advantage Infoexcel:

  • Agile, reliable, scalable and robust solutions with enhanced efficiency
  • Dedicated in-house domain specialists
  • Extensive experience in developing customized solutions for BFSI to reduce software maintenance costs
  • Secure, interactive applications generating high levels of user experience

We are an agile organization, we offer innovative solutions for every IT challenge with a flexible approach and "can do" attitude and we do provide tailor made solutions specific to your business that span the entire technology scope.